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Jayne Pupek is the author of the novel "Tomato Girl" (Algonquin Books, 2008) and a book of poems titled "Forms of Intercession" (Mayapple Press, 2008). Her writing has appeared in numerous literary journals. In addition to her own writing, Jayne freelances as a ghostwriter, editor and mentor. A Virginia native, Jayne has spent most of her professional life working in the field of mental health.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Power Out and the Primary

Winds took down a power line in our area last night, leaving us in the dark. As any writer knows, timing is everything. This is not only true in books, but in life as well. So of course the power went out while I had lasagne baking in the oven and CNN was about to captivate me with primary and caucus results. Instead, I wrapped up in an Afghan, turned on the Coleman lantern, and read a few chapters of What the Dead Know. All was not lost on the lasagne or the election results, as the power returned just as breaking news came on CNN to announce Obama the winner of the Wisconsin primary. I enjoyed lasagne and beer while watching the speeches by Clinton and Obama. In recent days, Clinton looks more tired, stressed, and desperate. I think the rhetoric vs. results debate is getting her nowhere, and the recent assertion that Obama plagerized a speech simply seems ridiculous and trite. Obama comes across as bigger than life, while Clinton looks small and petty by comparison. Her inability to congratulate her opponent on his wins continues to rub me the wrong way. A poor loser is never pretty.

The debate takes place tomorrow. Here's hoping Virginia Dominion Power keeps my lights burning and CNN bright and clear on the tube.