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Jayne Pupek is the author of the novel "Tomato Girl" (Algonquin Books, 2008) and a book of poems titled "Forms of Intercession" (Mayapple Press, 2008). Her writing has appeared in numerous literary journals. In addition to her own writing, Jayne freelances as a ghostwriter, editor and mentor. A Virginia native, Jayne has spent most of her professional life working in the field of mental health.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Poem Accepted by Literary Fever

Literary Fever has accepted my poem, "3274 Hickory Lane" to appear in their next issue, due out in January. This is a relatively new journal with fresh voices and art. I'm thrilled to be included.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

2 Poems Accepted at Mannequin Envy

I received an acceptance today from Mannequin Envy. "Late Fall" and "Mannequins" will appear in the winter issue, due out by mid-December. Mannequin Envy is one of the most beautiful online literary journals I read--the visual art is as stunning as the poetry-- and I'm delighted to be included there.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Poem Accepted by Umbrella

My poem, "Wintering in Detroit, 2024" has been accepted for Umbrella´s special ¨cold poem¨ feature, online December 1st. This is my first appearance in Umbrella and my first "futuristic" poem. I'm excited on both counts.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

GirlChild Press Anthology and Ariel Journal

I was thrilled to learn that my poem, "Tomboy," has been accepted for publication in the next GirlChild Press Anthology, Just Like A Girl: A Manifesta. The anthology is scheduled for release August 2008.

I also heard good news from Ariel Journal (published by University of Calgary Press) this week. The editors have decided to include my poem, "After a Miscarriage," in the next issue. This is my first Canadian publication. I'm delighted!

Monday, November 5, 2007


Two of my poems are up at Hiss Quarterly: "Absolutely Modern: A Portrait of a Girl" and "Last Night." The accompanying art by Melody Herbert is vibrant, bold, and surreal. Love both paintings!

Friday, November 2, 2007


I'm thrilled that Zyogte in my Coffee has accepted my poem, "Eviction." The poem will appear in the December issue.

The Taj Mahal Review has accepted my poem, "Scheherazade," for their December issue as well. Published in India, I have yet to have the pleasure of reading this journal.


Well, I stayed away from 30:30 all of one day, and now I'm back. Arlene threatened to nail me down by my clothes. No one has ever threatened to crucify me before. Technically, it isn't a crucifixtion without the nails in the hands, and the cross, but I'm going to play the martyr, because I am doing both the 30:30 challenge AND NaNoWriMo in the same month!